Pete's Pizza - New Richmond, WI

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Pete's Pizza New Richmond


Dine-In Dinners include: Toast, choice of Potato (Fries, Baked, Hashbrowns, Wedges or Mashed & Gravy), All-You-Can-Eat Salad Bar, Desserts and Ice Cream.
To-Go orders come with Toast, choice of Potato, choice of Salad, Soup, Coleslaw or Cottage Cheese.

Chicken Strips

Tiny Shrimp
Jumbo Fantail Shrimp
Fish Dinner
Chicken Drummies
1/4 (2 piece) all white $0.25 extra
1/2 (4 piece) all white $0.25 extra

Pasta Dinner
Spaghetti & Meatballs with Garlic Toast and Salad